Maintaining Your Vehicle

The onset of the pandemic brought more problems than we can imagine. And if you’re like everyone out there following the health guidelines by the government regarding social distancing. While every other job is shifting to remote work, you probably haven’t driven your car lately. There is a myriad of concerns propping up every day. Among those, car maintenance is likely to lose its importance and tread down the list for most people. However, there are a few essential things you can do now to maintain the health of your vehicle in the long run. And prevent you from needing a tow or roadside assistance service once everything goes back to normal, hopefully.

Check Fluids

Most people don’t give importance to the oil and other essential fluids and regular oil change of their vehicle. But it can be a vital sign of your vehicle’s health and possibly an early sign of an impending problem that could save you thousands. Expert technicians recommend you to change oils every 5k miles or every six months, whichever comes first. Even when you don’t drive often, engine oil and other essential oils can age and potentially degrade over time.

Keep your gas tank filled

It’s recommended to fill up your gas tank even if you’re not going to drive it for an extended period. Without gasoline in the tank, the fuel tank may start rusting from the inside, leading to severe problems later. Weather changes can cause condensation in the gas tank and damage the tank body.

Wash your car or cover it

Debris, leaves, and sticks that accumulate on your car can be harmful to a car’s outer surface. The plant matter combined with moisture produces a tannic acid that can gradually eat the exterior paint and eventually degrade plastic and rubber seals.

In case you’re planning to leave your car idle for a while, ensure to clean it every so often to prevent the damage and deterioration caused by moisture and plant acid. Otherwise, you should cover the car to keep every kind of rubble off of your vehicle and direct sunlight damaging the body.

Battery maintenance is essential

Unless your car doesn’t start, I bet you had never thought about checking on your car battery. The battery issues are one of the most significant causes people call for a towing and roadside assistance service. Suppose you intend to park your car for a while. In that case, it’s highly recommended that you take the necessary steps to prevent the battery from draining over time and rendering the car useless. And avoid the corrosion on or around the battery terminals. Batteries don’t like cold weather and can be damaged if left unused for a longer period.

If you’re planning to drive it periodically or start it up just to keep all the parts running, it will suffice to keep the battery in good shape. Otherwise, a trickle charger can be a great alternative, or you can altogether disconnect the battery. Be careful and employ all the safety protocols before trying to disconnect the battery.

Check your tires

Tires are prone to weather changes and can develop leaks over time, even when you’re not driving routinely. When left idle for a longer period, tires develop a unique phenomenon called “tire rot” that causes the tire rubber to get brittle and hard. That makes it essential to regularly check your tire pressure, even when you’re not driving the car.

Ensure your tires are inflated to the right PSI, and the tire tread is in good condition. Also, keep the tires on a dry surface because water is an adverse enemy of rubber.

Drive your car every once in a while

Cars are mechanical machines and are designed to run regularly. The engine fluids circulate throughout the vehicle parts that need lubrication when you drive the vehicle. When you don’t use the car for a long time, the fluids can clog, and engine parts may lose the essential lubrication. The battery also needs to be charged now and then, and if not, the battery might even die.

You can reduce any such problems by having short trips once in a while. Or you can just start up your vehicle and let it run for a few minutes to charge the battery and run the fluids through the system, but it’ll still be better to move the tires as well.  

What are the benefits of maintaining your vehicle?

Whether it’s chilly winter or the hot summer months, every season brings its own set of complications for a vehicle. But that doesn’t mean caring for your car correctly won’t benefit you. You can increase your vehicle’s lifespan, boost its performance, cut down on expenses, and save yourself from abrupt breakdowns on the road.


By maintaining your vehicle, you are investing in your and your family’s safety on the road. In parallel to safe driving techniques, your car’s condition can play a vital role in overall safety. Suppose your vehicle has a fault or is impaired; you are risking the safety of yourself and the passengers sharing the road with you. Your car has fluid leakage or the tires are not properly inflated, there are increased chances of getting engine problems or a flat tire.

Long life

Regular car maintenance will significantly reward you in the shape of your car’s durable and longer life. In the best case, maintaining your car won’t need a lot of repairing of the parts, such as keeping fluid levels, lights, brakes, tire pressures, and battery in good shape. Also, a well-tended car will have a higher selling value in the market, should you decide to trade it.

Saves money in the long run

Indeed, maintaining your car will save you money in many ways. The primary benefit is a well-maintained vehicle will run better and, in return, offer better fuel economy. In contrast, when your engine is in bad shape, it can consume as much as 50 percent more fuel. Moreover, regular oil change, tire pressure, and clean filters can enhance fuel economy.

Tending to your vehicle often can save you the extensive one-time cost of parts replacement or breakdowns. Only the battery has a limited lifespan of around 2-5 years. Still, everything else can have a longer life if routinely checked and taken care of, rather than waiting until they become unfixable and need a replacement. In any case, if you ever need a towing and roadside assistance service near you, call SPN America towing network for quick and reliable assistance.