Fast and Local Flatbed Towing

Affordable and Local Flatbed Towing Service

Flatbed tow trucks can tow many heavy objects, more often vehicles. Towing a car on a flatbed is a technical job and requires appropriate equipment and certified towing minds. As with any mechanical appliance, cars are also prone to unpredictable failures and issues. A sudden breakdown or accident on the road can catch you off-guard. And can make you depend on a towing service professional. SPN America towing makes it easy for you to get the best towing experience in the United States.

However, what is your towing needs, and which towing company you can rely on in an emergency are the questions you need to ask yourself? Every driver should have some basic knowledge of their vehicle and which towing company has a reputation for providing the best towing services in town. Suppose your car breaks down and you need a towing service; flatbed towing is unquestionably the best and most secure method.

Flatbed is one of the several methods of towing vehicles. You can hire a tow truck depending on the situation and condition of your car. A flatbed tow truck is a specially designed tow truck to offer a secure environment to your vehicle. It saves towed vehicles from any wear and tears, both internal and exterior. The flatbed truck gets its name from the flat surface available for other cars to be parked on and makes them a practical choice for accident recovery and multiple vehicle transportation. Experts at SPN towing explain a wide range of scenarios when opting for a flatbed is recommended.

Damaged Vehicles

Road accidents can be overwhelming and can severely damage a vehicle. Transporting a totaled car with a traditional tow truck can be challenging and sometimes impossible. A flatbed tow truck is the only option, with an wide flat deck to house every kind of vehicle.

The SPN America flatbeds have a special motorized cable to drag heavily damaged vehicles onto the deck. And tow your car to its destination securely.

Heavy or Loaded Vehicles

Towing dollies are only suitable for towing lighter vehicles. Meanwhile, the tow-bar can tow smaller cars or trailers. If you need to tow heavy or loaded vehicles, a flatbed is the perfect towing solution. The unique flatbed design helps in handling heavy-weight vehicles while offering optimal protection and security from any damage. Unprofessional tow truck drivers might also try to tow heavy vehicles with towing dollies, but can potentially harm not only your car but also their towing dollies.

Towing 4-Wheel Drive

Four-wheel drive vehicles run on all four wheels, and a towing dolly or any other towing method cannot possibly tow these cars. The towing dolly will only lift the front tires. It can potentially damage the transmission system severely if it drags the rear wheels on the road. A flatbed tow truck is the only solution for towing 4-wheel cars, as it will be secure on the deck. Flatbed towing is the only possible way your 4-wheel drive vehicles can be safe and secure during transmission.

Towing Vintage, Classic, and Sports Cars

Flatbed towing is best for a low profile, dropped, or naturally low cars. Sports and luxury cars often have a low ground clearance and are not easy to load on the tilted deck. And most of the other towing vehicles, such as towing dollies, can damage the car’s body and suspension. It’ll be wise for you to demand a flatbed for moving your classic vehicle from one location to another. We train our technicians to keep your luxury car safe during the towing. We meticulously care for every detail to protect your vehicle when hooking or putting it onto a flatbed.

Time and Money Saving

Time is money, and the flatbed towing solution saves both time and money. However, time becomes of critical importance if you’re stuck on the road after an accident or the car breaking down on you. Here, you’ll need a quick and efficient towing service to get to your location and tow your vehicle. If your vehicle falls under any of the categories mentioned above, you’ll need a flatbed to tow your vehicle. The flatbed truck can carry multiple vehicles – saving money and not dragging the car, so it moves faster.

Sometimes the only option is a Flatbed.

Often in severe cases, when the car is totaled. For example, when the vehicle’s axel is faulty or the wheels are not spinning, flatbed towing is the only option available.

Not every towing company can understand and properly handle the situation. That’s why you need to rely on the best and highly resourceful towing service in your city. SPN Towing offers the best flatbed towing services at an affordable price. SPN Towing offers wide-ranging services in the North Texas region, including a flatbed tow truck, local and long-distance, emergency, light, and medium-duty towing services.


Often when customers call a towing service, they have a lot of questions. Since needing a tow in most of the cases involves a stressful situation. Our experts answer a few of the most commonly asked questions to reduce your stress. If you don’t see your question in the list below, please contact us directly, and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

  1. I have an all-wheel-drive car. Does it require a flatbed tow truck?

No. Conventional tow trucks can lift all the wheels off the ground. However, a flatbed is the most optimal option if you have an all-wheel-drive car.

  1. Are there different towing procedures for every make and model vehicle? And how do professional towing agents remember them all?

Most of the towing equipment used today is capable of towing a wide range of automobiles. Also, most manufacturers have specified their towing guidelines in detail. However, if there is a unique situation, you’ll need to employ a specialist and industry expert’s help from SPN America.

  1. Will flatbed towing damage my vehicle?

Flatbed certainly is the best and safest way to tow a vehicle. The car is inside the tow truck’s frame and is above the ground, riding on the tow truck’s suspension. A professional tow truck service guarantees the internal and external safety of your vehicle.

  1. If my vehicle has been custom lowered, can it still be towed?

Yes, we have special flatbed tow trucks to carry luxury/exotic cars with low ground clearance.

  1. How much does a flatbed tow truck cost?

The cost entirely depends on the distance between your location and the delivery location. Also, the distance between your site and the towing provider can impact the overall cost of towing. SPN guarantees a cheap flatbed towing service all over the country.