Fast and Local Flatbed Towing

Affordable and Local Flatbed Towing Service

There are numerous reasons to choose a flatbed towing service that employs flatbed tow trucks to tow all types of vehicles. Towing a car on a flatbed is a technical job and requires appropriate equipment and certified towing minds. SPN America network of tow truck companies makes it easy for you to get the best towing experience in the United States.

However, what are your towing needs, and which towing company you can rely on in an emergency are the questions you need to ask yourself? Every driver should have some basic knowledge of their vehicle and which towing company has a reputation for providing the best towing services. Suppose your car breaks down and you need a towing service; flatbed towing is unquestionably the best and most secure method.

Emergency Flatbed Tow Truck Service

A vehicle can broke down anytime, anywhere without a pror notice, leaving motorist vulnerable and unsafe in a stranded road. Sometimes these mishaps are unavoidable,  even well maintained or new vehicles may face accidents, emergencies or mechanical problems. To be on the safe side, you need to be prepared beforehand by keeping our number on your phone. We offer 24/7 emergency flatbed tow truck services in almost all cities of the US. We are always ready to swiftly help you with all your roadside needs.

Professional Towing Service with Flatbed Tow Truck

Whether your vehicle broke down in the bustling city road, parking or near woods, it can be repaired on the spot or can be transferred to a safe location. But to do it with care and safety, special expertise are needed. That’s where our professional towing service providers with flatbed tow trucks comes in. Rely on us for quality services with the fastest ETAs and competitive proce.

24 Hours Flatbed Towing Service

We offer 24 hours flatbed towing services to get stranded mototrist out of the difficult situation. We don’t get advantage from our customers situation instead we do our best to provide them value and quality service. Whether it’s night,  day, or a holiday, our quick tow truck drivers are always here to assist you 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

The flatbed towing service is the safest and most reliable option in the following scenarios:

1- Damaged Vehicles

Transporting a totaled car with a traditional tow truck can be challenging and sometimes impossible. A flatbed tow truck is the only option, with a wide flat deck to house every kind of vehicle.

SPN America Roadside has a network of flatbed towing service providers that have a special motorized cable to load a heavily damaged vehicle onto the truck. And, tow your car to its destination securely.

2- Heavy or Loaded Vehicles

Towing dollies are only suitable for towing lighter vehicles. Meanwhile, the tow bar can tow smaller cars or trailers. A flatbed is the perfect towing solution if you need to tow a heavy or loaded vehicle. The unique flatbed design helps handle heavy-weight vehicles while offering optimal protection and security from any damage. 

3- Towing an All Wheel Drive

Four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicles run on all four wheels; and requires a tow truck that can load the whole vehicle onto the bed. With Wheel Lift Tow Truck it will only lift the front or the back wheels of the vehicle. It can potentially damage the transmission system severely if it drags the trans-connected wheels on the road. A flatbed tow truck is the only solution for towing all whee drive vehicile as it will be secure on the truck. 

4- Towing Vintage, Classic, and Sports Cars

Flatbed towing is best for low-profile dropped or naturally low to the ground cars. Sports and luxury cars often have a low ground clearance and are not easy to load on the tilted deck. And, most of the regular towing vehicles may damage the car’s body and suspension. It will be wise for you to demand a flatbed tow truck for moving your classic vehicle from one location to another.

The technicians or tow truck drivers in our network are trained to keep your luxury car safe during the towing. We meticulously care for every detail to protect your vehicle when hooking or putting it onto a flatbed.

5- Time and Money Saving

Time is money, and the flatbed towing service saves time and money. However, time becomes critical if you’re stuck on the road after an accident or your car broke down. You’ll need a quick towing service to get to your location and efficiently tow your vehicle. If your vehicle falls under any of the above categories, you’ll need a flatbed to tow your vehicle. 

6- Sometimes the Only Option is a Flatbed

Often in severe cases, when the car is totaled. For example, when the vehicle’s axel is faulty or the wheels are not spinning, flatbed towing is the only option available.

Not every towing company can understand and properly handle the situation. You need to rely on your nearest and the best towing service. SPN America Roadside offers the best flatbed towing services at an affordable price.

FAQs About Flatbed Towing Service

Often when customers call a towing service, they have many questions. Since needing a tow in most cases involves a stressful situation. Our experts answer a few of the most commonly asked questions to reduce your stress. If you don’t see your question in the list below, please get in touch with us directly, and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

The conventional tow trucks can lift all the wheels off the ground. However, a flatbed is an optimal option if you have an all-wheel-drive car.

Most of the towing equipment used today can tow a wide range of automobiles. Also, most manufacturers have specified their towing guidelines in detail. However, if there is a unique situation, you’ll need to employ a specialist and industry expert’s help from SPN America Roadside.

A flatbed certainly is the best and safest way to tow a vehicle. The car is inside the tow truck’s frame and is above the ground, riding on the tow truck’s suspension. A professional tow truck service guarantees your vehicle’s internal and external safety.

We can send out a special flatbed tow trucks to carry luxury/exotic cars with low ground clearance.

The cost entirely depends on the distance between your location and the delivery location. Also, the distance between your site and the towing provider can impact the overall cost of towing. SPN America Roadside guarantees a cheap flatbed towing service all over the country.

Yes, unlike others, with SPN America, you no longer have to pay loads of money in membership fees. You only need to pay for the services you use.

Flatbed is one of the best towing methods and offers a secure environment for your vehicle. It saves your vehicles from wear and tear, both internal and exterior. This towing method is best for long-distance tow, heavy vehicles, low profile, or naturally low cars. Since it doesn’t need to drag your car, thus saves your time and money.

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