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SPN America Network of Local Towing Service

The United States has one of the busiest roads with over 280 million operating vehicles and almost 227.5 million drivers holding a valid driving license. Therefore the massive flow of traffic results in more traffic accidents. In 2018, there were more than 12 million vehicles involved in crashes in the country. Likewise, the story doesn’t stop on vehicle crashes and has severe implications for drivers and pedestrians. And you’ll need a reliable and proficient local towing service expert to come to your aid instantly.

There were 36,120 traffic-related fatalities in the U.S. only in 2019, which means unexpected and unfortunate things can happen anywhere and anytime. It would be best if you were ready before any of this happens. Save the contact number of the best local towing service providers in the U.S. – SPN America extended towing network.  

Thousands of drivers experience roadside incidents across the country every day. Every one of those events is stressful in some way, requiring some assistance and emergency help to get them out of there. There’s nothing worse than a car breaking down in the middle of the road when you have somewhere to be. And the last thing you’d want is to spend your valuable time striving to find a fast and inexpensive towing service near your location. That’s where SPN America comes in. We do all the heavy lifting so you can promptly stay safe and get back to your life by bringing the best vehicle towing equipment suited for your needs at your location in no time.

Emergency Local Vehicle Towing Service

Roadside assistance can be messy and pressing business. And to guide you in those chaotic times, you need a knowledgeable person who can promptly utilize the latest technology to extend comfort and dispatch assistance. SPN America’s technology-based solution does all the hard work for you. So, you only have to focus on staying safe and swiftly getting back to your life. Our high-tech system will locate the nearest and most reliable towing companies and dispatch the available service to your location. Then evaluate the availability and send the best-suited service provider to get you going in no time.

There are many types of local towing services that you can use to get your vehicle to its destination. We’ll go through all of them in detail, so you know what to ask for if you ever face an unfortunate situation on the road.

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing involves a specialized tow truck with a flatbed in the rear. It’s the most general form of the tow truck; you would’ve likely seen a flatbed tow truck if you’ve ever been stranded and had called a tow service. The flatbed structure makes these towing trucks the safest and secure way to transport a vehicle. Flatbeds offer maximum accident recovery. The long truck space allows space for multiple vehicle transportation, such as transporting cars involved in an accident – a cost-efficient vehicle towing technique. 

Our flatbeds can efficiently tow:

  • Classic, exotic, show, and low-rider vehicles
  • Forklifts and equipment
  • Vehicles with missing wheels
  • Man-lifts
  • SUVs and all-wheel drives
  • Fully dressed motorcycles

Two Wheel Towing – Dolly

Underlift/Uplift or two-wheel car towing involves towing the car with its two front wheels off the ground and attaching the towed vehicle’s trailer hitch with a tow dolly – a short, two-wheeled trailer with ramps, slots your car’s front tires. Underlift towing can offer a cheap and better way for front-wheel-drive vehicles as the rear wheels are not bound to the drive shaft. The rear wheels will spin happily and won’t even register any miles on the car’s odometer. But has its disadvantages, such as the two tires of a car riding on the ground will wear down quicker than the tires on the dolly, resulting in poor handling of the car later on. Suppose your vehicle has rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. In that case, you’ll need to remove the driveshaft from your vehicle before you tow your vehicle using two-wheel towing. It can cause severe damage to your car’s engine as the engine parts aren’t lubricated. You can employ two-wheel towing for transporting heavy vehicles like busses, b-doubles, and cranes.

Flat Towing with a Tow-Bar

In a flat vehicle towing, all the four wheels touch the ground with a tow bar attached between the tow truck and the crashed car. The tow bar has numerous benefits over the other towing types, such as its usually less expensive, energy-efficient, lightweight, and easy to connect and disconnect. Flat towing will evenly wear out your tires, though quickly compared to other towing methods.

Regardless of which method you prefer, SPN America will recommend and dispatch the appropriate towing equipment and truck based on your vehicle’s conditions. We offer a wide range of auto towing services like light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty towing services. Vehicle breakdowns or accidents are a significant cause of traffic congestion. Delay in service delivery by a towing and roadside assistance service provider can potentially hamper the normal flow of traffic and increase their customers’ trouble. SPN America has, over the years, attained the highest service delivery standard with highly experienced operators and support staff that can manage the entire recovery and rescue process. Our automotive experts can get done any job at hand with utmost perfection in the safest, fastest, and most reliable manner.