10 Tips for Preparing your Vehicle for Long Distance Towing

Unlike what most people think, towing goes way beyond just hauling stalled or broken vehicles. Today many professional tow truck companies in Houston TX offer a wide variety of towing and roadside assistance services. One increasingly popular service is long-distance towing. Just hire a reputable tow service, and they will drive your vehicle over a long distance with maximum safety. Whether you want to move to another state or transport your pristine vehicle to a car exhibition, long-distance towing is the way to go. 

That said, long hauls are often complicated and risky, even for professionals. It is nothing like the conventional short-distance tow, where you pull a vehicle to a nearby repair shop. For this reason, there are a few things you need to do in your car before an extended tow. So, read ahead to learn a few tips for preparing your vehicle for a tiring, long haul.  

  1. Wash and clean the car properly

Why bother washing your car before a long-distance tow when it will get all dirty again? Well, it indeed sounds like a useless chore, but it isn’t. Mud and dust particles collect on the car’s surface during the towing process. And this dirt buildup can hide any dents or dings on your vehicle. Wash the car before handing it over to the tow operator to make sure you spot all the patterns and dings. So, when you receive your vehicle at the destination, it will be easy for you to identify any damage during the tow. Also, this will protect your car paint from chipping or rusting. 

  1. Disable the car alarm

A car alarm helps protect your car from theft but is of no use during a tow. Instead, it can create a panic situation. When the roads are bumpy and rough, the car alarm can go off unexpectedly, causing the tow driver to startle and stress. Moreover, other drivers on the road might be distracted by the sound. Eventually, the tow driver will have to stop and turn it off, wasting precious time. Therefore, it is best to disable the alarm beforehand to avoid any discomfort. 

  1. Make necessary fluid leak repairs

Check for any damages or leaks in your vehicle, and make sure to repair them before getting the car towed. It is crucial because leaking fluids such as engine oil, coolant, or gas can be dangerous in the long run. It creates severe difficulty for the driver and causes problems for other vehicles on the road. For instance, when a car with leaking engine oil is towed, the dropping oil can create slipperiness on the road. Additionally, there is also a high risk of the vehicle catching a fire 

  1. Keep the tires inflated properly

While most people think long-distance towing means no stress on the car tires, it isn’t true. Tire care is essential to ensure safety during a tow, especially for long routes. Inflate your tires adequately before seeing your car off on the journey. Doing so will allow easy loading and unloading of the vehicle onto the tow truck Houston TX. Additionally, adequately filled tires can absorb shocks from bumps, protecting the internal parts of your car.

  1. Remove all the accessories

Consider detaching and removing any accessories from the car. It’s a fact that vehicles can be damaged while towing due to specific reasons. Ask your tow truck driver to assess any customized part of your vehicle that can break while being transported over a long distance. Then make sure to remove them before starting the ride. 

  1. Roll up the windows and lock the vehicle

Another essential thing to do is roll up the windows and lock your car. If the windows are left rolled down, dirt and debris from the road will build up in your vehicle. And this contamination will ultimately damage your interior. Furthermore, always ensure that your car is locked correctly. In case you leave it unlocked, there are high chances that the doors open in the middle of the journey, causing dangerous accidents

  1. Clear the trunk and glove compartment

Your trunk may be full of handy tools for an emergency, and you must remove them before getting the vehicle towed to avoid losing them. Plus, make sure to clear all the valuable and personal belongings from the glove compartment. Your car should not carry any extra items that you might need. 

  1. Empty the gas tank

Emptying the gas tank is a good idea to reduce the weight of your vehicle. The lesser the weight, the easier it is to tow the car from one place to another. Moreover, it lessens the risk of a gas leak that can otherwise create a combustive environment. You are not going to drive it anyway, so it makes sense to reduce the gas in your tank. 

  1. Get the car insured, if it isn’t already

If your car isn’t insured already, now is the time. Get your vehicle guaranteed regardless of an extended or short-distance tow. Or, if you have already insured, double-check it and see if it is activated, or you want to add additional coverage for the long haul. This is particularly helpful when crossing states. 

  1. Hire a trusted long-distance tow truck service

Apart from all the tips mentioned above, the most important practice is to hire a reliable long-distance towing company. Unlike you, they will have the right tools and trucks to get the job done for you safely. SPN America Towing offers quick and safe towing and roadside services around the Texas area. If you are planning to head out on a long adventure trip, call SPN America Towing.

At SPN America Towing, our tow truck drivers have professional expertise in pulling vehicles over a long distance. We make sure no damage is done to your car using state-of-the-art tools. Our wide range of services includes jump-start, fuel delivery, flat tire change, luxury towing, motorcycle towing, off-road recovery, available 24/7.