Locked Out with Keys Inside the Car?

Fast Car Lockout Service with SPN America

Locking yourself out of the car with keys inside can be scary and frustrating. It can potentially aggravate things if it happens when you have somewhere important to go. SPN America has highly qualified and trained technicians that can come to your rescue on a single call. We will immediately dispatch a service professional to your location to access the vehicle with special tools without damaging your vehicle. Our lockout service professionals use an inflammable device to wedge the door open or a special car opener tool kit.

Our experts can not only resolve your locked out key issues. But also make your car operable if you’ve lost your key or the ignition key is broken. You are having difficulty in starting your vehicle. With the SPN America service provider network, you get comprehensive roadside assistance, including auto lockout service for cars of any make and model. We see car lockout as an emergency and therefore provide immediate and quick service in Dallas TX, Houston TX, and San Antonio TX areas.

Our technicians are proficient and possess the needed knowledge and technology to perform various car lockout assistance. That means you’ll be on your way to the important meeting or the flight you wanted to catch just in time. Just give us a call. SPN America is always ready to get you out of a bad situation with professionals at your service swiftly to unlock your vehicle and extract the keys safely.


Our experts answer a few of the frequently asked questions by customers regarding auto lockout service.

  1. Do I need a special auto locksmith for my car’s make and model?

We at SPN America have the expertise to handle any car’s lockout situation perfectly adeptly. Our highly trained locksmiths can use multiple techniques to get entry into your car. Certainly, our auto technicians can wedge open any make and model car easily.

  1. How much time will it take a locksmith to open my car?

The dispatcher agents at SPN America are highly trained. They assess the situation by asking you a few questions and give you an ETA of the technicians. When the locksmith reaches your location, they will perform a thorough analysis and give you any heads up if the service will take any longer than usual. Normally, a car lockout will take around 5 to 10 minutes. However, the complexity of the key and security features installed on your car can increase the opening’s approximate time.

  1. Will my car be damaged due to the lockout service?

No, and it should not be. SPN America towing network locksmiths are highly trained and certified professionals that take care of your assets in the best way possible. We take it as our duty to care for your cars and keep the vehicle undamaged.

  1. How much does a professional auto locksmith cost?

SPN America towing network offers comprehensive vehicle locksmith services in the U.S. The cost of a locksmith service depends on the distance the service provider has to travel to reach your location and the type of service requested. However, we guarantee cheap locksmith services with ultimate client satisfaction.