Common Causes of Car Breakdown in Winter

Vehicle breakdowns are pretty much inevitable, and the winter raises the stakes even further. If things get out of hand on the road in the extreme weather, it can sure leave anyone devastated and anxious. Winters are particularly destructive for vehicles, and if the unpleasant collapse occurs, they can be hostile for the driver. Because in a winter breakdown the motorist could have to wait in the freezing temperature for a tow truck.  

A dead battery, halted or overheating engine, a flat tire, or a leaking antifreeze on a stormy night is the worst nightmare any driver can imagine. While nothing can replace safe driving habits, you can avoid these issues from propping up by following precautionary measures. When needing a towing service, you need to know how to stay safe while waiting for a tow truck in the cold weather

What causes car breakdowns in winter? Some of the most common winter car breakdown causes are:

Dead Battery

There are 51 percent more chances of you having a battery problem in the winter season. The cold weather can have severe implications on car batteries, making it hard for them to create enough energy to start the vehicle.

To save yourself from any unfortunate situations on the road in winter, you need to think ahead and get your battery checked up. For a clean bill of health, your battery should have a high CCA – that’s the amount of current your battery can generate in low temperatures. Also, batteries can last four to six years, an average of five years. So, remember to change your car battery if it’s dying and doesn’t have much life left. Investing in a new battery for winter can prove its worth.

Low Antifreeze

Low antifreeze or coolant is also one of the biggest causes of winter vehicle breakdowns. The antifreeze keeps the engine’s cooling system in good shape in the cold months by lowering the water’s freezing point. Thereby the cooling system is not likely to be frozen and do its job correctly. Without antifreeze in the winter, your vehicle’s oils and other fluids can freeze, which will cause problems for you in the normal functioning of the car. For example, a loud squealing sound when you try to start the vehicle or an altogether dead engine can be a sign of a low antifreeze level.

To prevent this from happening, ensure to park your car indoors and check the coolant levels now and then. A perfect proportion of coolant is a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water to prevent the car’s fluids from freezing.

Overheating Engine

Though it might sound odd, overheating can be real, even in winters. The motor oil becomes dense in low temperatures, making it difficult for the oil to circulate properly and keep the car running smoothly. The oil needs to be at the right viscosity to keep the vehicle running fluently and prevent overheating.

Not just the engine oil but other fluids can also get thick and have difficulty in flowing. A thinner oil or multi-viscosity oil is better suited to adapt to the cold weather. Get all the fluids and oil checked by your nearby mechanic to determine if you should be changing the oil.

Tire Pressure

The slick and icy roads in the winter can cause problems for you if your tires are under-inflated. There are 36 percent more flat tire changes in the winter because the tire pressure can also fluctuate when the temperature drops. In fact, with every 10-degree decrease in the atmospheric temperature, the tires drop as much as 2 PSI pressure. And with bald tires, you are treading a dangerous path because the tires won’t be able to grip the slippery and watery roads.

Driving with an under-inflated tire can easily make you lose grip and control of the car. You must ensure that your vehicle tires are properly inflated at all times. And the tire tread isn’t worn out to keep a firm grip on the slippery roads. 

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