Amazing Benefits of Proper Car Wheel Alignment

Most car owners understand the importance of routine vehicle tune-ups. This may include an oil change, air filter replacement, coolant level top-up, and much more. However, not all drivers take their tires very seriously – not until their car starts steering out of control.  

Vehicle tires play a crucial role in performance and longevity. Nevertheless, as you drive your car, the health of your tires deteriorates. Potholes, curbs, and debris on the road cause serious jerks to the vehicle that ultimately knocks your tires out of alignment.

Driving with poor wheel alignment is dangerous and risky. A vehicle with misaligned tires may start shaking and vibrating strangely while driving. The fact is that the alignment of your tire impacts your vehicle’s handling, braking, and safety.

On the flip side, proper wheel alignment comes with some serious perks. Not only does it provide better safety, but it also offers enhanced fuel efficiency and a smoother ride. And that’s not it. Below we have listed a bunch of amazing benefits you can enjoy with proper car wheel alignment.

But first, what is wheel alignment or front-end alignment?

What is wheel alignment?

Alignment means arranging something in a straight line. The process involves adjusting the vehicle’s suspension in a straight line when it comes to wheel alignment. Unlike its name, car wheel alignment has very little to do with the wheels.

The vehicle suspension is the system that connects a vehicle’s body to its wheels. When a vehicle experiences jerky movement, the suspension bends. This shift or bend affects a number of things, including how the tires make contact with the road.

It is recommended to hire a professional mechanic from 24-hour tire repair las cruces nm service. When an auto mechanic adjusts the bends in your suspension system, the tires align into a specific angle. So, when your wheels are straight and parallel, they offer you a great ride.

What are the causes of poor wheel alignment?

Wheels can slip out of alignment for a number of reasons. Most commonly, bad vehicle alignment is the result of poor driving. Speeding over potholes, bumping into curbs, or getting into an accident causes disturbance in the suspension system. These heavy impacts and sudden jarring often lead to misalignment.

Secondly, the worn components in your vehicle also cause alignment issues. Over time, the massive amount of beating from the road wreaks havoc on the suspension components. Parts such as shocks, struts, and suspension springs become loose and develop gaps affecting the alignment. Anyhow, regular service checks can prevent wear and tear.

Last but not least, vehicle height modification can put your tires out of alignment. When your vehicle height changes without changing the suspension, one or two wheels may not travel straight.

Five benefits of proper wheel alignment

Contrary to what most people think, car alignment affects more than just the tires. A proper front-end alignment not only offers safety but can also save you from hefty repair bills.

Here are the top 5 benefits of getting a wheel alignment service.

  1. Better handling and steering

Proper wheel alignment means an all-around better vehicle performance. Tires that are perfectly lined up have enhanced contact with the road. As a result, they roll smoothly and offer more traction. And when your wheels roll the way they are meant to, your vehicle will corner efficiently. So, whether you are driving straight down a freeway or off-roading on twisty roads, your vehicle will handle better.

In addition, a wheel alignment offers improved steering. When the front wheel of your vehicle shifts out, your car drives at an awkward angle. This increases the likelihood of your car veering out of control and getting into an accident. On the flip side, a car with good alignment stays straighter on the road.

  • Less fuel consumption

Misaligned tires do not work together as they should. Instead, they work against each other, causing the vehicle to drag on the road. That means you will be traveling several extra miles compared to if the car rolled freely. Moreover, the dragging puts more stress on your engine, consequently decreasing your gas mileage. Therefore, a wheel alignment will help you save up on gas.

  • Longer tire life

Your tires are an expensive component of your vehicle that keep you running on the road safely. Improper wheel alignment leads to vibrations while driving. Over time, the resistance and vibrations will cause uneven wear and tear on your tires. And If you keep moving on misaligned tires, you will have to buy new tires sooner than you’d like. But with a front-end alignment, you can maximize your tire life.

As soon as you feel your tires are wearing, hire a mobile flat tire repair Miami service and get your wheel alignment checked.

  • Reduce expensive auto repairs

A regular wheel alignment service lessens the overall damage to your vehicle. Driving on rough roads means heavy impacts from potholes and obstructions. For this reason, vehicle tires are designed to absorb shock and jolts. However, when your wheels are not aligned, they cannot help with the impact. As a result, even a small jolt leads to more significant problems. To save yourself from expensive auto repairs, spending less on a wheel alignment service is recommended.

  • Increased safety

The wheel alignment affects the steering, suspension, wheel, and even the vehicle’s brake system. Once the tires are aligned in a straight line, all other vehicle components will also function efficiently. Hence, a proper wheel alignment can keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

As you can see, there are a handful of excellent benefits of wheel alignment. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of the inexpensive service. So, the next time your mechanic asks for an additional service, consider getting your wheel alignment checked.

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