Are You Stuck in a Ditch and Need to Winch Out Your Car?

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In extreme weather conditions, your car can skid off the road and end up in a ditch alongside the road. Snow, mud, and in fact, cars can be trapped in the water. Car owners have a frustrating experience getting stuck in a snowbank or ditch while they couldn’t get out. Even worse is that many cars aren’t equipped to drive out of these types of conditions. That’s where SPN America emergency roadside assistance service comes to your rescue and helps pull out/winch your vehicle out of danger without further damage.

We have highly trained professionals equipped with the best tools to retrieve a vehicle stuck in a ditch quickly. SPN America offers a reliable and prompt roadside assistance service to winch out whenever you need it. Our trucks are equipped with motorized axles and lengthy, durable cable to pull a vehicle out of a dangerous condition. Our skilled workers will hook a heavy-duty tow cable onto a safe and stable location on your car’s undercarriage, which mostly depends on the current state and accessibility. Once the cables are attached securely, a hydraulic or electric motor will pull your vehicle towards safety from the ditch, snowbank, or other dangerous conditions.

Some breakdowns are just unpredictable, like slipping into a muddy ditch. However, it would be far better to be prepared for emergencies by keeping your car in the best working condition to reduce the chances of a breakdown. Unfortunately, if you encounter an emergency like falling into a ditch, why not call the best service in town? SPN America offers professional roadside assistance service 24/7 in the Dallas TX, Houston TX, and San Antonio TX areas and guarantees a quick arrival time.

How a tow winch works

A lot of us don’t pay close attention to valuable devices like winches. A winch is quite useful towing equipment with a powerhouse pulling strength. A towing winch is used to pull a car truck out of a problematic situation or onto the tow truck. In comparison, off-roaders employ it to pull themselves out of dirt, mud, or sand body.

Components of a tow winch

A tow winch consists of multiple parts that work together to pull a car out of a dangerous condition. Each component does its unique function, such as:

Cable wire

Steel or chain wire is wrapped around the drum used for connecting the two vehicles. The length of the wire can range from 30 to 120 feet.


The circular drum keeps the wire in shape by wrapping around it to prevent entanglement. When needed, the drum rotates and unfolds the wire and vice versa when winching is done.


The motor powers the drum unit. The motor is the powerhouse of the winching process and can be electric or hydraulic. However, some winches come without a motor and depend entirely on the vehicle’s power to pull, making the process a bit sluggish.

Gear train and gear casing

Another key part and transforms the motor’s power into pulling power. When stuck in a tough situation, the gear system gears down the speeding motor to give high torque and low speed to get more pulling power.

If you ever get stuck in the mud, snow, or sand body and there’s no way you can recover your car. Make sure you call a professional tow truck operator.

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