Why Your Electric Car Gets Towed and What You Should Do to Protect It

Electric cars are taking over the automobile market rapidly – for all the right reasons. The remarkable energy efficiency and environmental benefits, eco-friendly nature, reduced transportation costs, no gas money, etc., are all playing a significant role in the increasing popularity of electric vehicles around the world.

That said, however, electric vehicles are still not immune to breakdowns. Like any other traditional combustion-powered vehicle, these high-end automobiles have their bad days. Let’s face it – A Tesla or a Honda Civic Sedan, technical issues are inescapable.

Meanwhile, you will find them contrasting the non-electric vehicles when it comes to towing. Whether or not you have the number of a trusted and cheap tow truck service Miami FL saved in your phone, knowledge about your electric car towing options will keep you.

Reasons why your electric car gets towed

If you are a new driver with an electric vehicle, you might be unaware of their inconveniences. Though your EV requires less maintenance, there are still many occurrences where it needs help from towing network service providers, including the following.

Dead battery

While the newer hybrid cars don’t face dead batteries, the issue is real for the owners of older electric vehicles. And the problem turns into a nightmare when you realize you can’t simply jump your car. That is when the only and the best option is to get it towed to a service center for a battery change.

Drained battery charge

One of the most common reasons electric vehicle owners get stuck in the middle of nowhere is running out of battery charge. This is because these cars are designed to travel a certain distance range with a specific battery charge. Also, it is particularly common in the wintertime since colder batteries lose their charge much more quickly. So, when you forget to hook up your vehicle to charge or can’t find a convenient charging station along your trip, calling for roadside assistance is your best bet.

Flat tire

Though a common occurrence for electric and non-electric vehicles, flat tires can be a bit more problematic for electric ones. The first reason is that electric cars are substantially heavier than traditional vehicles leading to premature tire tread and ultimately flattened tires in the least expected of times. Other than that, these models have come with limited cargo space, which means you don’t have enough space to carry a spare tire.

Braking problems

If this is your first electric car, it’s possible you do not quite understand the braking systems involved. And while it’s true your EV requires less maintenance; your electric car brake system is an exception. Unlike traditional gas-powered cars, electric cars use regenerative braking systems that help charge their batteries. However, they wear out due to excessive use like any other automobile. Therefore, it is advisable to call the nearest cheap towing in Miami, FL, and get your brakes checked for worn-out.


Electric SUVs or small cars are susceptible to breakdowns for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the motor breaks down, or the power may go out completely; still, other times, you may notice your all-wheel-drive facing complications that need an immediate fix. In such a case, moving your vehicle on your own might be impossible, and getting it towed to a mechanic is the best option.

Before your electric car is towed, know the essentials

As stated earlier, electric vehicle owners have different towing options for their vehicles. For instance, your vehicle model might impact the type of tow truck suitable to carry the job. For the safety of your precious electric vehicle, it is crucial to understand a few essential things before calling a tow truck.

Read the vehicle owner’s manual

Your car comes with specifications that need to be followed in order to ensure safety. When getting your electric vehicle towed, it is best to check out your owner’s manual to learn about the towing needs specified for your car.

If possible, charge instead of getting a tow

In a situation where your plug-in hybrid runs of charge, a charging truck can save your day. As the name suggests, a charging truck comes with all the necessary tools to charge a vehicle on-site. When you can, ask for a charging truck instead of a tow truck so you can avoid the risks of towing and get back on the road faster.

Request a flatbed tow truck if needed

If you need to get your electric vehicle towed, flatbed towing is the way to go. Any other tow truck, especially a hook and chain, can harm its engine. Why? Because, unlike non-electric vehicles, most electric cars do not have a neutral position in their transmission. And if you try to drag your vehicle, your motor will be severely affected. In extreme cases, there will be all kinds of damage to the engine. In contrast, a flatbed tow truck will carry your vehicle above the ground, so you don’t have to worry about dragging or any potential damage.

Consider where you want your vehicle towed to

Once your tow service provider reaches your location, they will ask you all types of questions, including where you want your vehicle to go. Do you want it towed to the nearest charging station? Or to your local mechanic? Whatever your answer, make sure to consider your destination before the tow truck reaches you.
Getting an electric car towed can be stressful. You want to get it fixed but also want to protect it from further damage. For that, understanding the impact of your vehicle type on your towing options and knowing what to expect from your towing service can prove beneficial.

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