Jump Starting a Car Battery

Getting stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a dead battery can be frustrating and scary. Boosting is the best solution in any such case, but you’ll need jumper cables and another vehicle with a powerful battery to jumpstart your car. Suppose you don’t have the jumper cables or you’re on a deserted road with no car in sight. Occasionally it is possible to revive a dead battery without needing jumper cables. The first step to a successful jumpstart is to keep calm and composed.

Jumpstart is the process of charging your depleted battery with the help of a healthy battery using jumper cables. There are several methods you can get your car back on track. How can you start your car with a dead battery without cables entirely depend on the type of your car, i.e., automatic or manual?

Jumpstart Manual Transmission Car Without Using Jumper Cables

It’s tough to predict the condition in which you have to boost your car with a dead battery. To have a better chance of getting your car started, position your vehicle on elevated terrain. The incline makes it easy to get the momentum and start the car. You’ll need a person or two to push your car if you’re on a flat road or your vehicle is heavy.

The pushing or inclination will give your car enough momentum. Right when you feel the vehicle is in rhythm, turn on the ignition, and quickly switch your car to second gear. Don’t release the clutch until the speed is enough to ignite the car engine. You need to press the clutch repeatedly if your car doesn’t start on the first attempt.

Jumpstart Automatic Car Without Jumper Cables

Automatic cars have different transmission systems, and the push start method won’t work with automatic transmission. It’s comparatively easy to boost a battery in manual transmission cars without cables. Now the question is how to start an automatic car with a dead battery? Let’s find the answer.

Suppose you want to start an automatic car with a dead battery. In that case, there’s only one possible way by using a portable battery charger. Every automatic car driver needs to have a roadside emergency toolkit consisting of a portable battery charger. To use the portable battery charger, follow the steps:

  • Plug the portable charger in the cigarette lighter
  • Wait for around 20 minutes to let the battery juice up some power
  • Before going anywhere else, you need to drive to the nearby auto repair shop and get your car inspected.

Safety Tips

You know how to jumpstart a car without another car, but you need to make sure to follow proper safety protocols at all times. Whether you’re performing a jumpstart yourself, filling the oil, or changing your car’s shabby bet, you should use caution.

As mentioned earlier, you need to connect the jumper cables to the fitting terminal and follow the right procedure while disconnecting. Otherwise, you can fry your car’s complex mechanical systems or burn the battery. Also, if you are jumpstarting an automatic vehicle, it should be in neutral. Otherwise, the car can dash on its own. 

Call Roadside Assistance Service for Quick Help

In case you’re not able to start your car with any of the techniques mentioned above, call a reliable and reputable towing company to quickly jumpstart your vehicle. It is always recommended to get a professional towing company’s assistance in any roadside emergencies like a dead battery, road accident, or a flat tire. Not every company offers all the services, so make sure to check before hiring a service provider. SPN America network of towing companies has been offering efficient towing and roadside assistance services, including emergency vehicle recovery by boosting. If you ever need help to start your car with a dead battery, give us a quick call, and we’ll send the nearest and most efficient towing professional.