Safety Tips for Car Breakdown at Night-Time

Driving in the night with fatigue, rush hour, and compromised night vision creates one of the riskiest environment for motorists. And more pronounced when moving into the weekend, as the National Safety Council highlights fatal crashes peaking on Saturday nights. NHTSA data shows that depth perception, peripheral vision, and color recognition might be compromised at night time. At the same time, the oncoming car’s headlights can temporarily blind a driver. And if unfortunately, your car breaks down at night, it can surely be the worst experience of life.

Visibility is minimal, even with high-beam headlights; it’s about 500 feet and 250 feet with standard headlights. That allows less time to react to any eventuality on the road, especially if you’re driving at higher speeds. A roadside emergency can happen anytime and with anyone. Whether you’re waiting for help from professional roadside assistance or repairing on your own, you must follow safety tips.

How to handle vehicle breakdowns at night? If you ever need quick and reliable assistance, contact, SPN America Towing network extended throughout the country. Read on to learn a few tips and tricks to stay safe while waiting for a tow truck on a scary deserted road.

Switch on Your Hazard Lights and Flashlights

Bright glowing lights are not only for driving but can also alert other motorists as a sign of an imminent problem. Hazard lights also allow you to warn other motorists on the road to steer clear of your car and come to help.

It can be a very life-saving method on a busy highway because sometimes you don’t have enough time to park the car on the side of the road. While on other times, your vehicle can break down abruptly in the middle of the road. Flash and hazard lights will give you enough time and space to either park the car or keep high-speed motorists away from your vehicle. However, if your car systems are inoperative and you can’t use the lights. Either use cones or pop your hood to show other drivers that you are having problems with your car.

Pull Off the Road

While only a quarter of driving is done at night, around 50 percent of traffic deaths happen at night. Only in 2018, over 39,000 people were killed in vehicle crashes with a death rate of 1.22 per 100 million vehicle miles. This isn’t a small number, and you need to get off the road quickly if you’re facing a problem with your car.

Remember, never to stop around corners or curves on the road, instead park in a clear and visible spot, i.e., under the street light. So, coming motorists can see you from far away. Suppose the problem is minor such as a flat tire, you should slowly drive to the safest spot around to park the car.

Stay in the Car

In most cases, it’s advisable to stay inside your car. The vehicle can give you safety from the outside weather conditions and any adverse eventualities. It’ll not only keep you safe but also prevent your car from being stolen.

Call for Immediate Help

As soon as you reach a safe spot, immediately call for professional assistance from a reliable towing company. You can handle only a few issues, like a flat tire or checking the radiator. But that can also be difficult in the pitch-black night. You should call family, friends, and, more importantly, a nearby towing and roadside assistance service provider. SPN America extended a network of towing companies throughout the U.S. that can come to your assistance in the night and get you to safety in no time.

Provide Precise Location

When you decide to contact a towing company, you need to forward the exact information. Location and vehicle condition information can be crucial for the towing company to save you from any mishap. SPN America Towing uses high-tech location technology to get the precise location of your vehicle. Moreover, you can appraise the service agent the road or street name where you are stranded and need assistance.

Always Keep Essentials in your Car

Emergency supplies can save you from a looming danger and give you time to survive till the help arrives. It’s always good to have handy stuff like a flat tire changing kit, warning triangle, and other similar stuff. Some of the essential items are:

  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Warning triangle or signs
  • Jumper cable
  • Spare tire
  • Dry snacks and water
  • Phone charger and internet device

Be Vigilant & Take Quick Decisions

If you sense the car is not behaving well, take quick action to save yourself from adverse conditions. For example, car overheating or you’re having transmission problems in your car. Make sure to park the car at a safe and visible location. While only relying on a professional vehicle towing service to get assistance. Taking help from strangers on the road can be a risky business, and you should use your judgment because you can never know the intentions of another person. It is often recommended not to take help from strangers and only trust reliable and experienced tow truck company near your location.

SPN America towing network extended throughout the country with its local towing heroes in most states can come to your assistance any time of the day or night. We have a record of quick and reliable towing and roadside assistance services ranging from night towing to roadside mechanic service. You can get in touch with our certified and experienced team to get prompt help.