How Towing Professionals Ensure a Successful Vehicle Recovery - Precautions Practiced

Towing professionals are the principal resource often called to assist in an emergency vehicle recovery. Towing professionals ensure maximum safety and successful recovery of a totaled or broken vehicle around the clock. Towing companies like SPN America maintain their status of providing outstanding and efficient recovery services. However, not every tow truck driver that you come across would be able to employ the best recovery procedures to recover a damaged or stuck vehicle. And can damage the vehicle while being towed. That’s why we’ve listed some of the essential vehicle recovery techniques and processes outlined by towing professionals at SPN America Towing.

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Keeping the Cool

Towing professionals have to deal with hostile road situations. The first thing to ensure a successful vehicle recovery cost is to remain cool and calm. Having control over the mind and keeping calm enables the professional tow truck drivers to make the right decisions at the right time. This way, a trained towing expert makes an efficacious towing procedure while maintaining the safety of your car. Having control over one’s mind can also reduce the chances of any further mishaps.

Weight Ratio of the vehicle

A professional towing company makes sure to get all the information that can be offered by a driver. And combine that information about the vehicle that needs to be towed or recovered, i.e., the make and model, type of transmission, and vehicle condition. The experts at the towing service identify the average weight and dimensions of the particular vehicle. They send an appropriate tow truck and other equipment and experienced towing professionals with relevant expertise according to the information gathered. That way, towing professionals effortlessly avoid time and fuel wastage while keeping the vehicle in a safe and sound condition.

Strap/Chain Strength Capacity


Another thing the professional towing provider needs to ensure is using the right recovery strap or chain. Using equipment according to the vehicle’s need and condition will guarantee that the client’s car will be brought out of trouble without further damaging it. Not all tow truck drivers have suitable recovery tools and equipment to ensure towing proficiency.

Emergency towing services couldn’t afford to have a low power towing strap or chain. The strength of the recovery strap is essential for an effective towing procedure. Also, the strap should be of sufficient length to perform the towing process effectively. It can make or break a successful towing approach.

Planned Recovery – Using the right equipment.

The call service agent does the primary assessment. The vehicle’s current condition determines the type of vehicle towing equipment needed. The towing vehicle should be more or equal in weight that the car to be recovered. Once the tow experts reach the location, they start analyzing the situation and plan out the recovery in the best and safest way possible. The experts keep in mind the ongoing traffic, the vehicle’s condition, equipment required, and many other factors for a successful recovery towing.

Warning and indicator signs

Once the ground analysis is complete, the first step of an adept towing professional is to install warning triangle signs surrounding the area where the recovery will be performed. The team will also wear personal protective equipment with high visibility to allow ongoing traffic to notice the situation and be alert. Once the area is secured with all the warning signs, the towing equipment will effectively recover the totaled or broken vehicle to safety.

Assessing the Car

Another critical aspect a professional towing agent prioritizes is properly inspecting the car in detail before beginning the towing procedure. It can be essential for a tow professional to know every detail of the vehicle and the current condition, i.e., can it move, is anything damaged or out of work.

Suppose the car isn’t able to move, then the recovery process will be quite different. And the type of tow truck required entirely depends on the condition of your vehicle. Towing experts solely rely on their experience and understanding of the ground situation, which enables them to execute the job flawlessly. And without damaging any car on the way to safety.  

Hooking and Unhooking for Recovery

After completing all the analysis and setting the parameter around the affected vehicle, it’s time to lift or pull the car onto the tow truck. But the strap needs to be hooked perfectly with the body frame of the vehicle to be towed. Experienced tow truck drivers are aware of the recovery points on every vehicle. If connected to the recovery points, the car will not be damaged, as they are intentionally left by the vehicle manufacturer. And offer the best grip to recover the vehicle by distributing its weight and dimensions.

Call the Best Towing Company in Town

Even when you’re following all the best driving practices and keeping your car in the best shape, accidents and breakdowns can happen and are inevitable. However, getting stuck on the roadside can be devastating and jittery. To get out of any such situation, you’ll need to get help from the best towing service provider out there. But honestly, what to expect from a reliable towing company can be the primary difference between a professional service provider and an amateur trying to cheat the stranded driver.  

SPN America towing network has been offering towing and roadside assistance services throughout the country. With its highly trained and certified team, we make sure you get out of any road condition with utmost satisfaction and safety. If you ever find yourself in any of these situations and need a quick and reliable towing professional at your location, get in touch with us at 469-331-0777.