Jump Starting a Car Battery

The United States has one of the world’s busiest roads, with over 280 million vehicles on the roads. In 2018, there were around 12 million vehicle crashes in the country, with an average of 6 million car accidents each year. Most people get anxious, frustrated, and impatient at any such time, often making wrong decisions. Like every other human, we want to get away from despair and secure help as soon as possible. And in our search for quick help, take the first opportunity to self-tow the totaled or broken car. However, the decision might seem right at that moment. Still, almost every person regrets once they see the consequences of trying to tow your vehicle yourself.

Towing a vehicle yourself can go wrong in many possible ways. Indeed, the option appears to be quick and inexpensive. However, serious problems start to prop up when you begin to pull your car with another car’s help. Trying the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) towing can be pretty unpredictable and possibly dangerous. Especially if you’re not prepared and when you compare it with safe, reliable, and efficient towing services provided by a professional local tow company like SPN America towing.

Tow Rating or Capacity

Towing rating is the maximum capacity of a vehicle to safely tow another vehicle without injuring the towing vehicle. No matter what you’re hauling, the max weight remains the same and a crucial aspect to consider before any towing. How much a car can tow is fixed by the manufacturer and should be highly valued. Exceeding the recommended capacity can potentially ruin your vehicle and also endanger others on the road. So, always pay close attention to your vehicle’s limits or tow rating.

Considering the towing score is essential to ascertain whether a tow truck can carry the specific car without damaging it or, worse other passengers on the road. Though amateur towers are not aware of this and can overload and possibly harm the hauling vehicle. For example, suppose the towing capacity is exceeded. In that case, it can damage the towing vehicle’s exterior, cause brake failure, inflate tires, or heat transmission.

A professional towing company can offer a lot more than you expect and haul vehicles with the right equipment, towing tools, and experienced tow truck drivers. The tow truck service ensures the maximum safety of your car till it reaches its destination.    

Wrong Tow Bars

Tow bars are the critical tools required for towing a vehicle. Each tow bar comes with its own tow rating or maximum towing capacity and often designed for specific requirements. However, often different vehicles use the same tow bars. You shouldn’t presume that your car can utilize just any tow bar available at hand. Amateurs might use the wrong towbar and cause both the towing and towed vehicle damage while also risking others’ safety on the road.  

Braking System

Towing a load means more inertia and momentum, so the hauling vehicle’s brakes have to work harder to bring the cars to a stop. A tow truck is a specially designed vehicle with a unique braking system. Trailers come equipped system to connect with the hauled vehicle and control on the driver’s console. Inexperienced drivers don’t understand that added load means you’ll need more space to come to a stop than usual. And can end up hurting not just themselves but other motorists on the road. Emergency braking can risk skidding or jackknifing because the brakes have to work harder than usual to slow down the load. You can quickly wear the brakes or overheat them by using too much pressure.


If you plan to tow another vehicle, you should contact your insurance company beforehand. Because every insurance company has a different policy about what is included in your cover. In case you are not effectively covered, you are putting yourself, the vehicle, and other people at risk if, unfortunately, an accident arises.

Driving Skills Required

Towing requires special driving skills and techniques that are quite different from the usual driving. For each vehicle to be hauled, the driving process differs depending on the maximum tow capacity and the route you’ll have to take. Professional tow truck drivers know exactly when to change their driving approach according to the external condition. For example, taking a wider turn to prevent harming the curbs or towing uphill or downhill and applying the brakes cautiously to adjust the speed accordingly.

However, suppose you’re attempting to tow a vehicle yourself. In that case, there are high chances that you’ll lack the knowledge and expertise to have these specialized driving skills.

SPN America Towing

SPN America’s towing network is spread across the country and has been offering towing and roadside assistance services for a long time. At SPN, we boast a team of highly professional and expert tow truck drivers who can help you get any kind of towing job efficiently. For any more information on SPN America’s quick and robust towing services, get in touch with us today at 469-331-0777.