Need to Find A 24 Hours Towing Service in Kansas City KS?

Local Towing Service in Kansas City KS Area

According to the American Transportation Institute’s list of “Top 100 Truck Bottlenecks,” Kansas City’s downtown loop ranks among the nation’s worst traffic bottlenecks. The intersection of Interstate 70 at 670 at the U.S. Highway 71 ranks at the 71st position in the list. Though the city comes at the bottom of the list, the ranking reiterates that Kansas City can be a nightmare at rush hours. And you wouldn’t ever want to get stuck with a broken car on the roads of Kansas City. However, traffic accidents and vehicle breakdowns are inevitable and need reliable towing and roadside assistance to get you out of danger and back on the road.

Another respected location, navigation, and mapping technology company, TomTom Traffic Index, ranks urban traffic congestion worldwide from 416 cities across 57 countries. The index ranks Kansas City as the 73rd most congested city in the U.S. and 406 positions in the world at a 12 percent congestion level. The highest congestion level rises in the evening at 29 percent with per year time lost equal to 55 hours or two days and 7 hours per driver. That means more than nine minutes extra in each thirty minutes trip in the evening.

Congested Roads and its Cost

In the 2020’s “best and worst cities to drive in” study by WalletHub, Kansas City is among the top 25 cities to drive in. The study looks into factors like repair shop availability, cost of ownership and maintenance, infrastructure and safety, and many more such aspects. The personal finance website analyzed the 100 most populated cities in the U.S. on 31 metrics. The Kansas City fares pretty well and comes as the top quarter for the best driving conditions.

Likewise, the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s study “Urban Mobility Report 2019,” ranks Kansas City as the 46th congested city, with each commuter wasting 47 hours stuck in deadly traffic each year. The deadlocks cause each auto commuter to lose 15 gallons of excess fuel, costing each $837 over a year. Therefore, if you ever get stranded on the Kansas City roads, you should only rely on the best towing service – the SPN America network of tow service providers. SPN’s extended network is spread across the U.S. and can promptly reach your location with the right equipment to get you going.

Cheap Towing Kansas City, KS 

Finding a cheap yet reliable towing service in Kansas City can be challenging. But SPN America makes it easy for you to get a reliable and efficient towing service at the minimum cost. We guarantee maintaining maximum safety, security, and customer satisfaction because getting stranded can be devastating and costly. Traditional towing companies in Kansas City, Kansas, monopolize the roads and overcharge for even the smallest services. SPN America’s extended network of towing companies is spread across the country to offer an affordable and professional tow truck service to motorists in need of help.

Wherever our advanced tow trucks operated by highly trained and certified professionals provide a state-of-the-art towing solution. We will find the nearest and top-rated local towing hero for you and dispatch them to your location swiftly. Our towing network has a high focus on providing outstanding customer care and satisfaction. In fact, when you employ our service, you’ll be able to get in touch with the tow truck driver coming to your help and ask for any additional service.

24 Hour Emergency Towing Company Kansas City, Kansas

SPN America offers fast, responsive, and reliable towing and roadside assistance in Kansas City. We have been providing a comprehensive tow truck service through our steadfast towing partners throughout the country. We ensure the highest service quality, such as mobile auto technician to a flatbed wrecker and hook & chain towing, we can promptly get you back on the road. Lastly, our service provider network has fast ETAs, transparent pricing, and special towing equipment to facilitate every motorist.

  • 24-hour towing
  • Local auto towing
  • Luxury towing
  • Motorcycle towing
  • Wrecker service
  • Flatbed towing
  • Hook and chain towing
  • Wheel-lift towing
  • Off-road recovery
  • Winching/Pullout service

Tire Change

Suppose you’re on a deserted road and get a flat tire with no spare tire to go with. SPN America towing network can be at your location and take care of all your needs. Our mobile flat tire repair service can swap your tire, fill the gas, or get you a tire if you don’t have one. Our tow truck drivers are highly skilled and experienced in addition to all the services offered, while our ETAs are quite good. The only thing you need to do is give the right information to our dispatcher agents, and we’ll be at your location in no time.  

Lock Out

In case you’re like many other humans, you can forget things pretty quickly. Such as leaving your car keys inside or somewhere you don’t have access anymore. Locking yourself out of the car can be devastating at a time when you have to reach an important meeting, or you’re on the road. SPN America towing and locksmith service in Kansas City can come to your aid quickly. Our certified locksmiths can help you with cylinder removal, ignition fixes, or key replacement, to name a few. Likewise, our towing professionals will wedge the door open by utilizing a special car opener toolkit and access your car promptly.

Jump Start

Your car battery died while sitting in the parking garage or on the road, and now the car’s not powering up. However, you don’t need to worry; give SPN America a call. Our certified auto technicians can quickly reach your location to jump-start the car. Our professional team is always ready to make your engine start-up and get you back on the road.

Fuel Delivery

Fuel is the life of a motor engine, and if you forget to fill, the tank can get you stranded on a remote or congested road with no help. Sometimes a faulty fuel gauge can also cause problems and indicate an ample amount when there isn’t any left. However, in any case, when you run out of fuel and need a swift helping hand, call SPN America towing. SPN America fuel delivery service professionals are always ready to help you get going again. Our team has quick arrival timing and can get you enough fuel to reach your destination.

Winch Out

Off-roading and bad weather conditions create hostile environments for vehicles that can easily skid off the road and end up in a ditch. Mud, snow, and even water body can get your car trapped and make it difficult or sometimes impossible to get the vehicle out of danger. SPN America has specially designed tow trucks that can rescue and pull out your car from the danger’s mouth without further damaging the vehicle.

Onsite Vehicle Repair

Our certified professional tow truck drivers and technicians can offer an extended list of onsite repair services. A few of our Kansas City towing and recovery services are:

  • Air brake system
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Trailer patching
  • Trailer repair
  • Tire service
  • Suspension
  • Starters, alternators
  • Battery service
  • Serpentine belt
  • Engine code troubleshooting